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We are a locally owned and operated maple sugar house located in the Boscawen, NH. The owner David Boudrias, has been producing maple syrup from this location since 1977.

David has acquired this passion of producing syrup, after he got his start, using just a small roasting pan over an open flame. As the years passed, the technology had evolved, making the process much more streamlined from the days of 1977. From the early start of the roasting pan, David now uses a state of the art oil fired evaporator, that can evaporate approximately 60 gallons of sap per hour. The amount of “taps” has also greatly increased, presently our sugar house hosts 500 taps, of which are most linked together through a system of plastic tubing, then carrying the sap to a collection tank.

The sugar house also had to change to become more accommodating; once a common shed now stands a 24’x24’ maple sugar house., complete with a commercial kitchen. The commercial kitchen is where we produce our signature maple barbeque sauce, the recipe was created using the “dark” grade syrup. The use of the dark grade syrup is because the “dark” syrup has a stronger maple flavor. The barbeque sauce is a versatile sauce that has a delightful combination of sweet and spicy.

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